Manual of heat transfer Vinyl made from South Korea



1: Make sure to cut on the "dull" surface. When cutting heat transfer material, you will need to always cut the "dull" surface side of the material. Never cut on the "shiny" side.The "shiny" side is actually the built-in transfer tape.
The "dull" side is the heat-activated adhesive side.

Secret to the home iron...

1:Make sure it's hot enough.
2:Make sure your surface is HARD...  can use a cutting board on a table.
3:Make sure you can apply pressure to the iron.  use YOUR body weight.
4:Make sure to use a sheet of parchment paper or pillowcase,teflon sheet under your iron so that it doesn't drag. Iron on a hard surface.
5:Dry Heat is also important. You can check its adherence by lifting up a little corner of the carrier sheet. If not sticking, do again. Does take a little longer with regular iron.

1:Cut in reverse weed, cut on the "dull" surface.
2:45°/60° blade, our vinyl thickness is 110 Microns ,more thicker than
Siser vinyl (90 Microns ), so set the knife a little deeper.

3:set the speed faster (at 50-75) for a large design,  and at 25 definitely for a small one. 

Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds

PVC HTV Temperature: 302°F-320°F (150°C-160°C),    

Glitter HTV  : 320°F-338°F (160°C-170°C)

Pressure: Firm

Time: 8-12 seconds

Peel COOLwait about 15 seconds

For best performance, cover and reheat for 2-3 seconds.


2: PVC vinyl transfer vs PU vinyl transfer

  • These PU products tend to be thinner and more stretchable so they feel like part of the garment. This soft "hand" is what makes them so perfect for apparel graphics.
  • PU transfer films are safe for young children who may mouth the garment and its applique.
  • This soft "hand" is what makes them so perfect for apparel graphics.
 PVC T-shirt films are generally thicker and less expensive. 
FOR PVC VINYL , It's not sticking on the clear backing ( the "shiny" side), when you remove the  vinyl you don't want to use.Be careful : When you go to peal off the backing everything comes right  off. The design does not stay put. If you happen to peal off the RIGHT design, you can use a little Clear Office Glue, stick back them on  the "shiny" side.

is sticking on the clear backing,
because there are glue on the the clear backing.

So the PVC is suited for larger images like numbers and such.
For SMAILL fine detail and a softer hand use the PU.
For Example:
larger images like numbers and LETTER, YOU CAN USE PVC vinyl transfer

3:For best results, apply ample pressure while using your iron's cotton setting.
3:Always remember to mirror. When cutting heat transfer material, it is vital to always horizontally mirror your images (by right-clicking and selcting to mirror horizontally). That way, your text and asymmetrical images will come out correctly when laid onto your desired surface and not be backwards.

5:Highly textured fabrics or loosely knit fabrics are not ideal for use with heat transfer material.
6:Once your project is finished and the transfer surface has been removed leaving your project, you may wish to again iron (directly for flocked and with a thin pressing cloth for smooth) without the additional plastic surface in order to provide additional heated pressure
7:After wearing (if a garment of any sort), you will want to wash the garment inside-out.


mini special package.pdf


mini special package.pdf

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Perfect Binding Machine Package


A complete book binding package (start from $1000)

With a small investment, you can install a total book binding solution that requires no set-ups or format changes, minimizes scrap, and handles most coated stocks. Most importantly, it has the versatility to produce both soft and hard cover books, notepads, and reports.

It is suitable for medium and short-run books. No need of complicated and expensive traditional large binding equipments.

Manual perfect binder

Manual creaser

Manual paper cutter

Multiple types of binds : soft and hard cover books applicable.

Affordable : Only around USD1000, economical but trustable quality

Easy to use :

It's easier to learn than an office copier! There are no set-up times or book format adjustments. It self adjusts for book thickness from 2 to 400 pages

Compact and fully featured : Our binder will fit nicely on your countertop. It’s odorless and quiet. Nevertheless they are no sacrifices. It’s rugged, dependable and will operate economically for many years


Graphic Arts Industry , Book Binderies ,Small Publishers , Copyshop, Facilities Management, Inhouse Printing & Binding, Libraries. Public Sector, Private Sector Companies, Accountants, Law & Notarial Services, Professional Advisors

  • Due to growing acceptance of digital printing and collating, copy centers worldwide are able to expand their professional capabilities.
  • One of the largest obstacles is counter space. Copy centers need to put a lot of machinery in a limited space. It's important that whenever possible, a machine perform multiple functions.
  • Packaging, delivery and delay in waiting for the job from the print finisher, creates unnecessary cost and delays compared to the savings if a our machine is used.
  • Staff training is a major issue if you have high turnover or a lot of finishing machinery. You need binding systems that are user-friendly and are fully supported by the manufacturer.
  • Personalizing your customer's presentations. This additional capability could enhance your profitability and give you an advantage over your local competition.
  • Time is money! For a short run, you can't afford long set-up time. our machines don't require setup time - you just turn it on and start to bind.
  • Minimize or eliminate scrap. The cost of scrap goes directly to your bottom line. our machines make high quality, perfectly square binds day after day.
  • Perfect binding is very durable and stylish, your customers will be pleased with the result.

You don't need buy different sizes binding Spines, you just buy one kind of Hot Melt glue. Our price: USD99/8.81lb.



Hot Melt adhesive has the following technical specifications:
Melting point:
70 - 80C
Working temperature:
160 - 180C
3600 mPa / 165C
2400mPa / 180C
Open time:
8 - 10 Seconds

Comparison to Punching and Binding

When using punching and binding machines the book collected for binding has to be first re-divided into bundles of maximum 10 to 15 sheets as the capacity of the punching stroke is a limiting factor. As an example a book of 150 sheets needs usually at least ten punching strokes.

When punching the sheets you have to be very careful as any mistake in positioning the holes in any direction forms an obstacle for the binding element. Re-dividing the sheets into bundles for punching, careful punching and re-collating them in the right order to be bound, means unnecessary work and lost time.

Semiautomatic glue application

An automatized glue application,which ensures even and constant binding result s for on-demand or medium runs of book production and allows a “stand-by ” temperature selection.

Ripper Wheel - This unit makes the machine suitable for handling the most difficult papers.The operator can control the number that need to be made to ensure a solid bind.
with ripper wheel, bursts the paper surface and opens the grain, allowing the glue to penetrate deeply into the paper. it possible to keep the bursting process noiseless and paper dust free.

Binding Machine Package-1 :
S320D Perfect Binding machine+ D139 Hand Creaser. Price: USD1380.

Feature: Mini-package of perfect binding .

Binding Machine Package-2 :
S320D Perfect Binding machine+ D139 Hand Creaser + 858A4 Manual Paper Cutter. Price: USD1570.

Feature: Perfect book binding, creasing , paper cutting.


Binding Machine Package-3:
S320D Perfect Binding machine+ D139 Hand Creaser + DW-100H Hard Cover Maker. Price: USD2149.

Feature: Suitable for one stop solution of book binding. Soft cover and hard cover book making. For advanced and delicate book making.


Binding machine package-4:

S460D Perfect Binding machine + DW-100K Hard Cover Maker. Price: USD2750. Buy it now, Send 8.81lb glue free.

Feature: Suitable for one stop solution of book binding. Soft cover and hard cover book making. For A3 size advanced and delicate book making.

Binding machine package-5:

S460D Perfect Binding machine+ D180 Hand Creaser + DW-100K Hard Cover Maker. Price: USD2950. Buy it now, Send 8.81lb glue free.

Feature: Suitable for one stop solution of book making. Soft cover and hard cover book making. For A3 size advanced and delicate book making.

Some Customers worldwide

( from 01/01/2010 to 06/29/2010)

If you need contact our customers about the binder, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Perfect binder

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Laminating machine


We have a series of laminating machines for sale now:

Electric cold roll laminator

Manual cold roll laminator

Self-peeling cold roll laminator

Hot roll laminator

The sizes varies from 13.4'' to 63''. You can always get your right type from us.


Special offers this month:

63'' Electric cold roll laminator . Stock in USA.

51'' Manual cold roll laminator. Free ship to USA.


What exactly is Lamination ?

The process of applying a film of plastic on the surface of any item is known as laminating. When plastic coating is added to any item it becomes tear-proof and water-proof, since the laminating film encapsulates the item completely by being bonded to both its sides.

What are the Items that Benefit from Laminating ?

There are many items that benefit from lamination. For example, many types of paper documents are laminated in order to protect them from smudges, fingerprints, and other types of damage. Sometimes lamination is done in order to enhance the contrast and color of the item.

Lamination can benefit items like menus, identification cards, instruction printed on paper, or any other item that is handles frequently. Lamination helps in keeping materials as good as new for many years, increasing the durability as well as preserving the color. In fact, laminated paper can be gifted, without requiring any additional frames or support.

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Photo Book Solutions(Flush Mount Albums)

The entire photographic market is experiencing a tremendous revolution,and the photobook market is one of the most rapidly growing areas in digital printing, and is expected to continue to grow.

A quality book that contains a person's own images, representing people, events and memories has a great consumer value. Premium Photo Books makes it easy for corporations, organizations and individuals to create their own branded presence in the photobook market. It creates opportunities for additional revenue.

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