Laminating machine


We have a series of laminating machines for sale now:

Electric cold roll laminator

Manual cold roll laminator

Self-peeling cold roll laminator

Hot roll laminator

The sizes varies from 13.4'' to 63''. You can always get your right type from us.


Special offers this month:

63'' Electric cold roll laminator . Stock in USA.

51'' Manual cold roll laminator. Free ship to USA.


What exactly is Lamination ?

The process of applying a film of plastic on the surface of any item is known as laminating. When plastic coating is added to any item it becomes tear-proof and water-proof, since the laminating film encapsulates the item completely by being bonded to both its sides.

What are the Items that Benefit from Laminating ?

There are many items that benefit from lamination. For example, many types of paper documents are laminated in order to protect them from smudges, fingerprints, and other types of damage. Sometimes lamination is done in order to enhance the contrast and color of the item.

Lamination can benefit items like menus, identification cards, instruction printed on paper, or any other item that is handles frequently. Lamination helps in keeping materials as good as new for many years, increasing the durability as well as preserving the color. In fact, laminated paper can be gifted, without requiring any additional frames or support.