DIY Photo Balloons-injet printing


Inkjet-Printing DIY Photo Balloons


A3 (28 cm, 11 inch ), 50 sets,  one box, price: USD150.


A4 (18 cm, 7 inch ),  100 sets,   one box ,price: USD180.


DIY balloons are perfect for parties, wedding banquets, special events, promotions, or even greeting & invitation cards, etc.. Are DIY balloons difficult to make? No! Now, you can print whatever you want on our DIY balloons with simply an inkjet printer at home or in the office! Made of aluminum foil composite film, the DIY balloons will stay good looking and high quality even after a long period of time.

Personalized, easy to make promo gift items. No Heat Press required! Print these balloons in any inkjet printer using standard inks. These balloons come in a frame that allows it to pass through your printer so you can print directly onto both sides of the balloon.

Blow them up through colorful jumbo plastic straws. Helium is not needed. They fit onto bases or our attractive display stand.

Template software is available with a huge selection of designs, or make your own. Insert your photos easily and personalize them “on the spot” for walk in clients. Great for fairs, events, fundraising, shops or parties.

- waterproof
- absolutely unique & self-designed gifts
- both sides can be printed individually different images
- do-it-yourself, easy-to-use software available
- no special printer or ink needed, just standard computers & inkjet printers

Suitable for:
- Weddings
- Banquets
- Birthday parties
- Festivals & Anniversaries
- Greeting & Invitation cards
- Exhibitions & Product promotions
- Grand openings
- Tourist attractions & Theme parks
- Florists
- Gifts & Souvenirs

Available shapes & sizes:
- round & heart, star, 18cm (A4)
- round & heart, star, 28cm (A3 +)

2.Both sides can be designed differently
3.Free to design and easy to operate
4.No need to open a new printing mode.
5.No need of any special equipment or software. Just use the family computer and inkjet printer.
6.For promotion, gift, commemoration etc.


100% Water proof
The new special technology high-molecular compound enables the printing effect beautifully and clearly, despite that you use the normal ink. And it is 100% water proof. It’s suitable to use outdoors.

Absolutely unique & self-designed gifts
With your personally designed images the DIY balloons are unique. They are different from common balloons and will be very attractive. They are perfect gifts for young children and wonderful decoration for all kinds of parties.

No need of any special equipment or software, only with the following

Accessory Details:
1. Software (you can download on the website)

Download here

2. Supported stick: Dia 1cm, length: 28cm
3.Thinner supported stick: Dia 0.5cm, length: 42cm
4.Short tube: Dia 1cm, length: 2cm
5.Base: Dia 5.2cm, height: 1.5cm, weight: 0.036kg/pcs


How to play


1. Open the SOFTWARE

2. Select a balloon's shape Insert your personalized photo
and choose a suitable border or just write message

3. Put one sheet of photo paper with blowing side p into your inkjet printer,Start first side rinting?The same process should be done for the 2nd side

4. Press the printed balloon with one hand and tear off it
carefully with the second hand following the dot line.

5. Insert transparent air tube into printed balloon.Make sure that the longer part is inserted into the blowing entrance

6. Add a 2-part tray to your fixed transparent air tube.

7.Add a supporting stick.
Blow up your personalized balloon with the help of the supported stick

8. Get your unique balloon.



Bulk packing details
For 18 cm ( A4 paper) , 100 PCS/box * 6 box = 600 pcs/carton
Accessory: Tray, air tube and supported stick,100sets/ box

For 28 cm ( A3 plus paper) , 50 PCS/box * 6 box = 300 pcs/carton
Accessory: Tray, air tube and supported stick, 50sets/ box 

Inner box: 44 * 34 * 6 cm
Carton size: 46 * 36 * 38 cm

Retail packet for(A4 size )
1) 3PCS put in a outer bag, 50 sets per carton
Accessory : The tray, the air tube, the support, the base total 3 sets and a software CD.
2) 6PCS put in a outer bag, 36 sets per carton
Accessory : The trays, the air tube, the support, the base total 6 sets, not include the software CD.

Carton size: 48 * 39 * 36 cm


* Print both side with the normal inkjet printer (like HP,Epson,Canon & Lexmark printer )
* For best printing effect, pls choose photo quality & photo paper in printer set up.

Photo Crystal System Package


Photo Crystal System: The advanced technology will allow us to transform your personal picture into a rich, full color transparency, sandwiched between two layers of sparkling crystal. It is 100% genuine crystal, featuring 360 degrees of transparency with all the elegance crystal brings. It is not any sort of paperweight or acrylic product.
A Photo Crystal is an amazingly unique and personalized gift. Your photo is encased in a clear crystal forever. The sparkle of crystal and memories will be with you and your loved ones for life time. The photo is mirrored in the crystal, so it is visible at all angles and you can see it from front and back.

Personalized photo crystals are perfect gifts for any occasion such as:


  • Personalized gift for family or friends
  • Weddings for friends or lovers
  • Wedding anniversary - celebrate their special day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Personalized birthday gift
  • Christmas
  • Sporting and sales and community awards
  • Remembrance such as the death of a loved one or pet memories


Assorted Equipment and Blanks
1)Assorted Equipment and Blanks


Produce name




Photo Crystal Glue


Irritant to the skin, be careful


Distinctive paper for photo crystal




Crystal solidification machine


Rated voltage and power,i.e.220V/110V,60W


Different kinds of crystal blanks




Crystal samples



Note:We only supply the assorted equipment and blanks of photo crystal, so you should have the image input and output processing equipments. The above are for reference only, for more information please check the detail list of photo crystal.


2)Common Tools and Image Processing Software

Common Tools




Backing board with a cloth

To prevent the glue from leaping out and to make crystal easier to move

Adobe Photoshop

To modified computer image, adjust sizes and colors of the image and do some combinations.

Hand Cleaners

To wash hands to remove odor

Cardboards or rules

To level the film and remove bubbles


To modified computer image, adjust sizes and colors of the image and do some combinations.

Photo Crystal Solidification Machine


1.Stylish and Graceful

This machine is made of aluminum alloy which only weights 11 kg, and the size is 550*550*235mm.

2.Economize Energy & Efficient

The power of the machine is only 64 watt. Low heat, no radiator. All the lamps and the socket are of high quality with CE Approval.

3.Facilitate Durable, Life Long, Ater-Sale Service

Lamps can light up for 20,000 hours.


4.Smart Design and Multifunctional, Easy to Use

The front lamp is the solidification lamp. It is smart designed so it is very convenient for solidifying the pedestal of the crystal products as well as easily being transported. You can easily take it to anywhere. The front lamp which is used to solidify the pedestal of the crystal can be replaced easily. If you order more than ten sets we can design the special logo for you. We provide different types of sockets suitable for different countries.

5.Warranty: machine 1year ,heater 3 month

6.Instructions for crystal solidification machine

1.At the very beginning, please put a ceramic tile covered by a clean and wet cloth on the worktable.


2.Drop some transparent glue on the crystal.


3.Stick the film of the photo side to the crystal.


4.Spread the glue slightly by a ruler. Please make sure no bubbles.


5.Turn on the crystal solidification machine and put the crystal in.


6.Set the time to be 4 minutes. If the crystal is big, set the time longer.


7.It will alarm after five or six minutes, then turn off the timer and the lamps and take the crystal out.


8.Erase the overflowing glue with clean paper or cloth. Then trim the crystal along the crystal edges.


9.Tear off the thin cover of the film.


10. Smoothen the edges of the crystal at 45 angles with a sharp knife.


11.Put the crystal on the ceramic board horizontally, stick the same shape glass sheet to the crystal slightly. Please note that don’t press the crystal by hand too much.

12.Put the crystal with glass sheet into the machine. After 2 minutes, take it out and clean it. Again put it into the machine, 7 minutes later, take it out. Finish.



Photo Crystal Glue

5975 Glue Water (Crystal glue) Item:JS68

Its ph value is up to 7. The color of the image will not affect the chemical reaction, highly transparent, so the color will stay for life long time without image fading. Product images retain their original color, layering and clarity. In particular, its low shrinkage and adhesive power ensure the crystals without bubble crackling. With our machine, it will be dry quickly just after minutes. Easy removal of air bubbles Short time to UV cure in light box Easy cleaning of edges with razor


8989 Glue Water (Hard protective glue for crystals without glass back sheet) Item:JS78

Its ph value is up to 7 of high hardness, Transparent. This glue is used to protect the films of some crystals which are of irregular shapes without glass back sheet. The film is protected by this glue so it is not necessary to use the glass back sheet. Therefore, the image on the film will be kept away for damage or scratching and remains beautiful.

Photo Crystal Film

Transparency Film Item: JP11

The common crystal film. It doesn't have the adhesive layer itself.It requires glass back sheet to protect the image from scratching.


Golden Film Item: JP12A

One kind of the easy-to-do films. Golden, a very special color.Your photo will be very sparkling with golden lights.No need of polish, no need of glass back sheet.It has its own protection layer.



Silver Film Item: JP12B

One kind of the easy-to-do films. Silver, a very special color. Your photo will be very sparkling with silver lights. No need of polish, no need of glass back sheet. It has its own protection layer.

Easy-to-do Frosted Film Item: JP12C

No need of polish, no need of glass back sheet. It has its own protection layer. It needs the 8989 glue to solidify and to prevent image from scratching.

Easy-to-do Clear Film Item: JP12D

No need of polish, no need of glass back sheet. It has its own protection layer. It needs the 8989 glue to solidify and to prevent image from scratching.

What prices are the balloons ?


Q: What prices are the balloons ?

A: We have 2 sizes: 12inch(A4) and 18inch (A3).
Price for A4: USD180/100sets.
Price for A3: USD150/50sets.

You can choose from 3 shapes: heart, star, round.