the n. Blue didn't work well at all.



I recently purchased a total of 6 yards of the neon blue pvc heat transfer material. I have used the orange, black, and white before and they turned out wonderfully with no issues  however the n. Blue didn't work well at all. It seems like the material once heated melted to the transfer paper causing it to severely discolor. I tried several different tempatures and pressure setting but they all turned out the same. This material was used to fill an order for a customer of mine and now I can't even sell them the finished product because the material is defective. Not sure if you have any advice or any help you could give but all would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Maybe the vinyl is wet, you need set low tempatures, about 130 C ,8 SECONDS.
If it still does not work, please put the vinyl into air condition home, and try it again, if you have any problem, please let me know.


Two Color Heat Transfers

Hi Joyce,
It may be a few days before I'm able to start on my heat transfer project.  I really appreciate your extra tips because I will be using a regular iron. I was planning to layer the vinyl on other vinyl.  Would this be possible with the vinyl I have from you guys, and do you have any additional tips for that kind of project.  I look forward to having a good experience with your product.


Layer application

The basic steps to full layer-on-layer heat application are as follows.

Step 1: Position the background layer of design and heat apply for the recommended time, temperature and pressure. Next, remove the mylar carrier.

Consider that any initial applications will receive heat a second or possibly even a third time. For this reason, it’s only necessary to “tack” this layer in place. The recommendation is to use the least amount of time possible to prevent any possible shrinking and alignment issues with the foreground layer.

Step 2: Align foreground layer, heat apply and remove mylar carrier.
If the application provides a variable time and temperature, it is suggested to err on the higher side of the range. This will ensure enough heat reaches the adhesive on the initial background application.

For example :

ONE COLOR Time: 8-12 seconds,


background layer Time:: 6 SECONDS,

background layer Time: 15 SECONDS.