Sealed ink cup pad printer making package


Pad Printing starter Printer Kit.


Our “package” is designed to get you on the road to pad printing without wasting any valuable money.

Pad printing is used for printing on various substrates like Plastics, Metals, Glass and Ceramics, Paper and Cardboard, Leather.

However, it is primary used in places where the printing area is small and / or the contour or surface of the object is not flat or hard to reach by other printing process.

We have pad printing full package: Sealed ink cup pad printer + cliche making package, using Photopolymer plates ,which are the most popular, providing a good do-it-yourself option. These are typically used in short to medium production runs.


If you are new to pad printing or indeed wish to “get a feel” for pad printing without initially investing too much on a larger automated machines, then you will find our manual pad printer will offer you true value for money. Our manual machine is also very easy-to-use thus highly suitable for a beginner.

Pheumatic pad printer machine ( New ! )


Sealed ink cup pad printer making package:


1 Manual sealed ink cup pad printer
1 Exposure machine
photopolymer plates ( 240mm x 100mm)
2 Pads
5 A4 size Transparent films
( for injet printer or laser priter uses )

Advantages of Photopolymer Plates making:

1. Good for the environment, no need chemicals.
2.Make clich making process easier to operate.
3.Save money for you, no need of chemicals and no steel coating machine.

Photopolymer Plates

The plate material is UV photosensitive and when exposed to an ultraviolet light through a high contrast negative, the U.V. cross links the polymers and hardens the image.

The unexposed portion of the negative is washed off in plain water, dried and post exposed. the plate is ready for the press in less than thirty minutes.

1:Pad printer (sealed ink cup system)


Operation Way: manual
Ink System: sealed ink cup
Cup size: 2.75"(70mm)
Maximum printing area: 2.36" X 2.36"(6X6cm)
Max length of craftwork: 5.9"(15cm)
Horizontal stroke: 3.94"(10cm)
Vertical stroke of rubber head: 2.4"(6cm)
Machine size: 14.2"x7.1"x20.4"(36.1x18x51.8cm)
Package dimensions: 17.3"x10.2"x18.9"(44x26x48cm)
Net weight: 55.1Lb(25kg)
Shipping weight: 58.6Lb(26.6kg)


2:UV Exposure Unit

Main features:

User-friendly desktop design with long-term life span Parameters.

6 UV fluorescent tubes

Exposing area: 10.23"x8.26"(260x210mm)
Voltage: 110v/220v
Light power: 48W (8W x 6 tubes)
Time Range: 0-5.5 mins
Machine size:11.82"x11.8"x29.5"(30x29x75cm)
Net weight: 12Lb(5kg)

3:Polymer plates:


  • Providing a good do-it-yourself option. These are typically used in short to medium production runs.
  • Water washable No solvent used!!


  • High durability, Allows printing very fine lines and big solid lines together, by using 300 lpi screen available.


  • High Reproductivity


  • Cost Effective
  • how to make plate, click here


4: Pads

Pads are three dimensional objects typically molded of silicone rubber. They function as a transfer vehicle, picking up ink from the printing plate, and transferring it to the part (substrate). They vary in shape and durometer depending on the application.

There are three main shape groups: "round pads", long narrow pads called "bar pads", and miscellaneous shapes (square, rectangular, etc.) called "loaf pads". Within each group there are three size categories: small, medium, and large size pads. It is also possible to engineer custom-shaped pads to meet special application requirements.

5:Transparent films ( for ink-jet printer or laser priter uses )

Any Epson、HP、Canon ink-jets printers can use it.

This Film is a specially coated,clear film that absorbs quick drying inkjet ink, and controls the shape of fine lines and half tones,can be used to make stencil in screen printng,hot stamping and pad printing.Ink-jets achieve better quality.

Print on the coated (matte) side of the film!
For the unique high-tech solution, they can not be conglutinated with each other when folded together. The image is well-resisting and suitable for storage.

Note 1: This film also can be used in your laser printer
Note 2: Your wet finger will stick to the coated side.
Note 3: Printing side is the non-smooth side

A4 8"x12" (210x297 mm)

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