We have 3 kits.

1:Small size Hot foil stamping kits: 2.36''x3.54'' (60 x 90mm)

2:Middle size Hot foil stamping kits: 4.3"x 4.3" (110x110mm)

3:Big size Hot foil stamping kits: 8.66" x 11" (220 * 280 mm)

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Hot foil stamping utilizes heat, pressure and time to transfer color from a foil to an object. A photo-etched die is used to bond the adhesive coat of the hot stamping foil to the surface of the object that is to be decorated. What sets hot foil stamping apart from any other method of printing is it's ability to apply a shiny design on paper, vinyl, textiles, wood, hard plastic, leather, and other materials, a brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink, so foil stamping is employed in a diverse range of consumer and industrial applications.

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