The printheads in your printer are what lay the ink down on the paper. When these little mechanisms get clogged with dried ink or bits of paper, you may see streaks and uneven ink distribution in your printed materials. Clearing a clogged printhead can take time and effort, while preventing a clog only requires some diligence and regular maintenance.

Regular Use

The easiest way to keep your printheads clear and in proper working order is to use the printer regularly. This keeps the ink flowing properly and prevents it from drying on the heads. Use your printer every few days or at least once a week to keep the printheads moist with fresh ink. The longer they sit unused, the more likely the ink left on the heads will dry and cause a clog.

Regular Cleaning

Even if you use your printer every day, there may be a few droplets of ink that have dried in the tubing leading from the ink cartridges or on the printheads themselves. Use your printer's cleaning cycle at least once a month or so to flush out any remnant ink leftover in the heads. Tiny bits of paper can get caught inside the machine and printheads too, so use some canned air to blow out any dust or paper whenever you run your monthly printhead cleaning.

Every day you need print one sheet of five colors ( CYMK W ) even if you don't have any printing job, because you need prevent the printer head clogged.


Pay attention : Don't Filling and guiding ink, before you check the printer is good condition,and connect to your computer,  print one page without ink in the five bottles. if everything is ok, then you can fill the inks.

 If you filled ink and found the printer problem, this mean you alread use it, we cannot resell to other customers, so you cannot return it to us, but we can help you to fix the problem.If you still want to return it, we will charge you $400, because it is used condition.

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