Photo book image design software


There are many soft programs available to organize images in folders or photo book albums, such as Adobe Photoshop Album, Picasa, Dg Foto Art - Gold. These programs generally allow for sorting and ordering of different images, tagging the images, and viewing them in slideshows or printing them. These programs commonly allow the user to perform basic edits such as cropping, red-eye removal, and some basic "one touch" enhancements for color and lighting. Some online albums have introduced techniques of separating special effects from the original picture so that the picture is not edited - effects are applied when displayed without destroying the original picture.

There are also many other, lay-up software programs available for making photo books. These are generally offered free as a design tool but require the user to pay for the production of their printed photobook. These programs are generally not specifically designed for photo editing, more for the express purpose of creating a book that will eventually be printed and bound into a photobook. These programs are generally provided by the company that print and bind the photobooks. Therefore the home printing function is generally not available.