Lay-flat Photo book making steps with PVC sheets


Lay-flat Photo book making steps with PVC sheets

Step1: Design the photobook inside image patterns in PC and print out the photos with photo paper by a printer. Note: If you want to make a photobook size of 8.5X11 inch, the print out photo size should be doubled which is 11x17 inch . It is the same with other sizes.

Step2: Coating the surface of the photos by a UV coater or laminator to protect the photos

Step3: Creasing all the photoes in the middle by creasing machine. Note: when creasing the photos, the side with no images is in the outside.

Step4: Bind the photo block with double-side adhesive PVC sheets or Press active PVC sheets.

Step 5: After photo block is finished. Press the photo block by the pressing machine to make the pages more flat and streight.
Step 6: Make the hard cover by the hard cover maker with greyboard and back-adhesive printable paper.
Step 7: Case in the photoblock to the hard cover
Step 8: Press the photo book by the pressing machine
Step 9: Make the hard cover groove by the groove pressing machine
Step 10: Photo book is finished

This photo book can lay-flat 180 degree for all the pages and is suitable for wedding photo book, memory photo book, Birthday photo book, coffe table books, restaurant menu, high quality bidding book, etc.