How to Start a Photo Book Business


  How to Start a Photo Book Business

Despite the proliferation of photo sharing sites on the Internet, people still like to hold photo albums in their hands. They like to be able to flip through their past and relive the moments in time captured there. While they can put their own photos in photo albums by hand, actual printed photo books look more professional. And creating photo books for people can be lucrative.

1. Choose equipments. There are so many equipments in the market for you to choose from. Which equipments are the proper ones for you? There are several aspects you can consider when you choose the photo book making machines.

First, what size of the photo book you want to print? Standard 8.5X11inch or 11x17 inch ? Or other sizes? The max book size that you want to print decides the machine size you will purchase. Dingword has two optional photo book making machine sizes for you to choose: 12X12 inch and 18x18 inch. Second, how much you want to invest on the business and will you print photo books frequently? For a small or home based photo book making business, you can choose the simpler and cheaper equipments. For a professional photography studio and photo book making store, I suggest you buy the long-run photo book making machines.

2. Design the photo books and print photos by a high-quality printer. Set up your computer to produce photo books. For the basics, you can rely on Adobe Photoshop Elements or iPhoto, both of which give you tonal control over photos and can get photos ready for printing. For better control and more design options, you'll need Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress or InDesign. Familiarize yourself with the programs. In QuarkXPress or InDesign, you can set up basic templates for photo books that you can then use repeatedly. Look at professionally printed photo books and get ideas for designs. This doesn't mean copy the designs, just get ideas and design your own. Does a standard 8.5-by-11-inch format work best or would turning it on its side be better? Odd shapes are good because they are custom-looking.

3. Advertising your photo book making business. Create a website, business cards and brochures that you will use to advertise your new photo book business. You can use something as simple as iWeb on the Apple Macintosh computer to design a website and go live with it quickly. Business cards should give your contact information and be representative of your business. Brochures should be an expansion of the business card and website with added graphics and images of sample photo books. For business cards, you can use anything from Photoshop to Swift Publisher to QuarkXPress. For brochures, Swift Publisher, QuarkXPress and InDesign will give you the most creative control.

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