About PBS-18 all-in-one photo book station


Q: What is max thickness of the paper the photo book making machine can deal with ?

A: The max thickness of the paper board can be 3mm thick. The common thickness people use is 2mm or 2.5mm.

Q: What parts does this machine include ?

A: This machine is a combination of : photo book station ( butterfly binding ) , creasing machine, gluing machine and nipping machine, 4 in one.

Q: What is the machine used for ?

A: It is suitable for making album, menu, double-page of hard cover binding and other kinds of individualized photo album etc.

Q: How do I order this machine ?

A: As the machine is very heavy, more than 200kg , so we can only ship the machine by sea. Sea shipping cost is $300~400 for different countries. Please contact with us for details. We do not have this machine in stock now. For those who want to order this machine, we will make it in factory for you in China. Manufacturing period: 7-10 days. Sea shipping period: 30 days around.

Q: Good day to you sir. I will like to know more about one of your product PBS-18 All-in-one Photobook Station.... I saw the price quoted on the website but i will like to know if its negotiable.. Also since you mentioned that the product is not available now but you can commence the production when order is made.. So i want to know how much we are going to pay first and how is it going to be paid. Moreso, the total package that will accompanied the machine. Is the parts available around?... Is the operation easy to manage or does is it require an expert to operate it. Can it be manually troubleshoot. e.t.c...

A: The price includes the whole machine and all the accessories included. So you do not need to buy extra parts. If you want to order extra parts, you can order from us any time. We provide one year warranty for the machine.
The feature for this machine is that it combines photo book station, creaser, gluing machine, nipping machine 4 in 1.  It is very easy to operate and does not need expert to operate it. Users can learn it by our video. Please see the video by the below link :
Video for PBS-18 Photo book station

This machine is a manual one and hardly get broken. It almost need no maintainness.
Another feature for this machine is that it can save materials compared with other photo book making method. It uses PVC sheets as the material which you can find it easily in your local area. The meterials is nuch cheaper compared with other photo book materials.
About the payment: Customer need pre-order this machine with deposit 50% of the price, USD1664. Then we will produce the machine in factory for you. Manufacturing period: 7 days. After that, we ship the machine out .  Customers need pay the balance before shipping.
About the shipping :  For USA and Canada customers, we can ship the machine to our NY warehouse for you and then we ship to your address by truck. Door to door delivery.
For other countries, we can only ship by sea. Port to port. You need find shipping agency to pick up the goods for you in custom.
Delivery by sea: 30 days around.